Thinking about sustainability and the influence each of us has.

Thoughts About Sustainability

On sustainability action at an individual scale.


This blog is an appeal to reason and an invitation to dialogue. Sustainability is simply about conducting ourselves – individually, in business, and as a civilized society – in a way that supports the people and planet which sustain us. The concept is absolutely political, but entirely non-partisan. We are failing each other with faux debates over settled facts and divisive misinformation. We are being failed by a materialistic, superficial culture. Sustainability can provide us the way forward, a unity of purpose, and can reconnect us with the concept of value, and our core values as human beings. I hope to write some things in these pages that help to focus my thinking and hone my ideas into a coherent plan of personal sustainability action that might inspire others to follow suit with plans of their own. I will draw upon scientific, conservative, liberal, religious, and non-religious sources as the foundation for my thinking and writing here, but do not expect any placating or false equivalence for baseless assertions.

Above all else, this site and my own ethos are about action; incremental steps toward a horizon goal. If you are a kindred spirit and want to make a big impact immediately, click the button below right now.

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There are simple changes we can make immediately which require little effort. Click below to go to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals website to make a change for yourself RIGHT NOW.

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Thinking about sustainability and the influence each of us has.