About Me

I write about sustainability because I’m passionate about it. There are more eloquent and expert writers in the field of sustainability than I. But, I am a persistent person and have a knack for putting my best understandings into action and executing at a high level. What I want to figure out is; what is my individual responsibility in sustainability? What does that mean for me as a citizen, homeowner, employee, customer, father, and husband? What impact can an individual have and why does it matter? Hopefully, I’ll figure some of these things out and do so in a way that might help someone else.

This is not a current events blog. I have no intention of responding to the latest headlines or posting angry retorts to anything. I don’t even have a plan to post on a regular schedule. Whatever amount of time is sustainable for my life is what I will devote to writing here. However, I do intend to be critical of the poor thinking that divides us and if that coincides with something making the news cycle, then so be it.

Lastly, as a disclaimer, the only affiliation that I have with any of the organizations that I discuss on this site is my ardent and vociferous support thereof. I am their donor. I am their organization member. I am their customer. However, I am not their representative in any official capacity. Please do not mistake my words as being theirs.