There Is No They

This is one of my personal pet peeves. No matter the setting or topic of conversation, there is usually at least one person in every group (or a lot of them) who refers to a “they” when speaking. They are always the ones at fault, some nefarious nemesis who is ruining the otherwise normal operation … More There Is No They

A Listicle, Because I Can: The Best Documentaries

These documentaries are better than your documentaries. These documentaries should be required viewing for all of us. This list is Sustainability 101. You’ll get some foundation in Triple Bottom Line and circular economics, and a lot of hope, but most of all you’ll get your eyes peeled wide open by the brokenness of this world … More A Listicle, Because I Can: The Best Documentaries

On Bootstraps

Granola. Snowflake. Taker. I was a welding operator. I worked in a factory that produced parts for a major car brand, a tier 1 supplier for four of the most popular models. Until around 2008-2009, when the auto industry tanked, we were on mandatory 12 hour shifts, seven days per week. There were only two … More On Bootstraps